Bernards Township Parents for Exceptional Children (PEC)

PECNote: Bernards PEC is a separate organization from the Ridge PTO.  It supports students with disabilities at Ridge and throughout the district. The 2018-19 PEC Parent Advisory Committee members for RHS are Lisa McNey & Marisa Taormina

The mission of the Bernards PEC is to provide the support that families, educators, and community organizations need to help individuals with disabilities reach their full potential.  We also strive to create an environment of understanding and acceptance for persons with disabilities within the community.
How can you connect with Bernards PEC Members?
• Please join our facebook group page
• Visit our website for more information.
• Subscribe to our weekly eBlast of information by sending your email address to us at bernardspec@gmail.comHow do we advocate for all Bernards PEC families?• Bernards PEC serves as a liaison between parents, district administration, and the Board of Education. Parent school representatives bring concerns to the attention of the special services administration at Parent Advisory meetings held quarterly. The current list of school representatives can be found on our website.• Bernards PEC Co-Presidents keep up with district news and policies that may affect students receiving special services by attending monthly meetings with the PTO presidents of all the district schools and the Advocacy Committee of the Board of Education.

PROGRAMS A key part of our efforts are to create and implement a variety of programs. Bernards PEC organizes and subsidizes recreational and educational programs for students, parents and families; organizes and funds a district-wide disability awareness program; and trains and schedules students ages 10 and up for our peer mentor program. In addition, we distribute information about local community programs and workshops through our eBlast. Please let us know if there is a program you wish was offered or one you’d like to help organize.

FUNDRAISING Bernards PEC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with no membership dues. Thanks to our fundraising efforts and sponsors, we can enhance district special education programs and services and help fulfill teacher wish lists with our donations to the Board of Education. Additional funding for disability awareness workshops, mentor training, program subsidies, and family fun events requires solid financials each year. See our website page “PEC Dollars at Work” to learn more about our recent donations to classrooms and more.

How can you help?

All of this activity is overseen by volunteer executive board members and depends on many dedicated parent volunteers and generous members of our community. Giving your time and energy to any of our committees really makes a difference!

Thank you so much for your support!