• How do I find out daily news and announcements?
    Go to ridgehigh.bernardsboe.com to visit the Ridge HS website.  Go to bernardsboe.com to visit the Bernards Township Board of Ed District website.
  • How do I receive news from Ridge High School, the school district and the PTO?
    Staying informed is so quick and easy!  Friday Folder: The Bernards Township School District is green: no paper flyers are sent home, instead everything comes through the electronic Friday Folder – an electronic mailing that goes out every Friday.  This folder includes all essential paperwork, so it is imperative that every parent register to receive the Friday Folder.  It also contains a link to this website for all the PTO News.  To register for the Friday Folder or for more information, click here.  PTO Facebook Page: @RidgeHighPTO – “like” the page and request notifications and they’ll show up right in your newsfeed. Ridge Bridge: This is the PTO newsletter, which comes out in the Friday Folder three times a year. It can also be found on the PTO website.
  • How do I get a school directory?
    • The directory is put out by the PTO. When you join the PTO and pay your membership dues, you will receive a directory at Back to School Night.
    • For families who paid for their PTO membership but did not pick up their directory at Back to School Night, please send an email to rhsptocomm@gmail.com.
    • If you have not yet joined the PTO and would like to, forms are available.  Look under Forms on the PTO website.
  • What school-sponsored activities and clubs can my child participate in?
    Please Note: Club and Sport activities are sponsored by the school, not the PTO.

  • How do I get the monthly lunch menu and how do I pay for school lunches?
    The lunch menu link is found on the Ridge High School website homepage.  Students can pay in cash, or you can set up an account by going to myschoolbucks.com or by going to bernardsboe.com and clicking on Payments at the bottom of the page or simply click here. Here you can create an account for your child, which can be monitored and replenished as needed. You will need to know your child’s student ID number.
  • How do I find out what is going on in my child’s classes or contact teachers or administrators?
    The best way to contact teachers is through email.  The email address for most teachers is their first initial plus their last name, @bernardsboe.com.  Or go to bernardsboe.com.  Click on Schools, and select Ridge High School or go directly to ridgehigh.bernardsboe.com.  In the lefthand column, Click on Staff Directory.  Scroll down until you find the teacher’s name.  Next to each teacher’s name you will see two or three icons:

    • Clicking on the Oncourse icon will take you to their website.
    • Clicking on the email icon allows you to send them an email.
    • Some teachers have a Moodle website as well – click on that icon to go to their page.
  • What are the rules about students driving to school? How can my child get a parking spot?
    Parking for students is reserved for seniors only, with each assigned spot being shared by two seniors at their discretion.  Juniors are not permitted to park in the lots.  Parking permit applications are completed in the spring of Junior year.  The complete details of parking regulations are outlined in the Student Handbook which you can link to from the Ridge High School Website.
  • How do I find out how my child is doing in school?
    Student information is listed on the Home Access Center (HAC), which should be updated regularly by the teachers.  Information there includes your child’s schedule, attendance, discipline records, classwork, report cards, transcript and basic registration information. To reach HAC click here, or go to bernardsboe.com, and on the blue horizontal bar click on Parents, or go directly to bernardsboe.com/parents and then click on Home Access Center.
  • How do I find out about snow days and other emergency school closures?
    Our district uses the Honeywell Instant Alert System, which sends out phone calls and emails alerting parents to any emergency school closures.  Go to instantalert.honeywell.com or go to bernardsboe.com and and on the blue horizontal bar click on Parents, or go directly to bernardsboe.com/parents and then click on the Honeywell Instant Alert System logo.
  • How can I get involved with the Ridge PTO?
    Download and submit these forms:  RHS Membership Form 2018-2019 Ridge PTO Volunteer Sign-up 2018-2019
  • How do I find academic help or a tutor for my child?
    Click here.
  • Who do I contact if I have a questions about school busing?
    Call the transportation department at 908-541-9574.
  • When and where are the Board of Ed meetings?
    Go to bernardsboe.com/board_of_education/meeting_dates.
  • How do I drop off an item at the school for my child (lunch, money, homework, books)?
    Bring the item in a bag with your child’s name on it to the Welcome Desk in the front lobby at Ridge.  The item will be logged in.  The student must know to pick up the item because they will not be notified by the office.
  • Who do I notify if my child is going to be absent, coming in late or dismissed early?
    Please call the Attendance Office, not the Nurse, at 908-204-2585 x200.
  • What is Option II? There are two kinds of Option II, Academic and Athletic.  Academic Option II allows students to take a class online or off-site (for instance at a local college) for credit at Ridge.  Athletic Option II allows students to fulfill the state-mandated physical education credits by participating on a Ridge athletics team or marching band, or by participating in approved sports or dance classes outside of Ridge.  Students who do the required number of hours of physical activity outside of school can have a study hall instead of their PE class.  Students must apply for Option II in advance of each marking period.  For more information, click here.
  • Where can I get more information about Ridge High School and more answers to my questions?  Read the PTO’s helpful Parent Handbook.
  • How do I learn more about Community Service?                                                                                   Click here for more information about Community Service Opportunities and the Sophomore Social Studies course requirement and about the Community Service Awards.  These awards identify and recognize those students who give their time and talent to help others without receiving financial compensation or academic credit, and thereby to encourage other students to give service as well. Contact the Ridge Counseling Department for more information.
  • How do I find out about scholarships?

For general information on:
Bernards Township School District: www.bernardsboe.com
Ridge High School: ridgehigh.bernardsboe.com