Ridge TEA Time


Ridge TEA (Thought and Empathy in Action) Time is a new character education initiative developed by RHS staff.  The mission of the RHS wellness program is to foster responsible behavior, good citizenship, and individual development for all stakeholders. This is a home-grown, self-led program designed and implemented by a team of administrators, teaching faculty, and counselors at RHS, who firmly believe that making space – both in terms of time and physical areas – for discussions and opportunities to enact  character education will benefit not only each individual, but also the community of Basking Ridge and beyond. Building strong character is an essential aspect to the development of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in students today. New research recognizes the true impact of SEL on student success and the idea of educating the “Whole Child.” Challenging students to develop their character is a way to reduce disciplinary issues, foster positive relationships, and promote a sense of community within RHS and the community as a whole! Get to know the program and its goals with the first edition of their newsletter, the SPOON.

All are welcome to attend the first BREW (Basking Ridge Embracing Wellness) session on October 19th, at 7 pm, in the RHS Media Center to learn more about this exciting new program!  Please RSVP here to register.

For additional information about TEA Time, visit the TEA Time website.