Reminders for MP2 Option II Offsite PE or Ridge Sports Option II

For 9th, 10th, and 11th graders who are currently participating in MP2 Option II Offsite PE or Ridge Sports Option II



Students who are in Offsite PE are required to participate in 150 minutes of activity during each week of the marking period. (MP2 runs 11/12-1/25)

If you stop participating in your offsite activity at any point, it is your responsibility to report this to us so you can be returned to PE promptly.  If you have had an injury or serious illness, that prevents you from participating, you should report this to the nurse’s office immediately.  The nurse WILL NOT backdate medical exemptions and failing to provide this paperwork may result in a failure for the course.

Students who participate at the YMCA should have already picked up a log sheet from their front desk and need to have this log sheet completed AND stamped after each class to ensure they will get credit for their time.  These log sheets will be returned to Lisa Pensabene at the YMCA, for review, a few days before the last day of the marking period. The exact date will be emailed to you in January.

If you should have any questions regarding Offsite PE please direct them to Mrs. Eckel at rather than the coach/advisor of your activity.


If you are participating in Ridge Sport Option II, you must participate in the entire season to receive credit for the course. Injuries or serious illnesses that prevent you from participating should be reported to the nurse immediately.  Please do not assume that your trainer may have already done so.

If you should leave your team at any point, you are required to report this to Mrs. Eckel or Mr. Krause immediately so you can be returned to PE for the remainder of the marking period.  If you are not returned to PE in a timely manner it may result in a failure for the course.

If you have any questions please see Mrs. Eckel in the guidance office or email her at